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Omaha Bridal Showcase

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Well, we decided to do a booth in yet another bridal show. We thought going to Omaha might be a good idea: a larger population equals more potential brides! So I got to work making up some wild, natural beauty to take to the show….

Then Summer and I loaded up two minivans FULL of furniture and flowers from the shop and headed to Omaha. 

Van with Mercedes
Full Van

We were able to pull off another lovely booth with a cozy, house-like atmosphere. We had fun styling the 10 foot by 10 foot booth to present potential brides with a feel for the nature-inspired florals that we are known for. After setting up Saturday evening as scheduled, we got a hotel in Omaha while awaiting the show on Sunday morning.

Here I am preparing a last minute bouquet at the hotel. Doing flowers in hotels is just part of being a traveling florist. I once had to store flowers overnight in a toilet full of fresh water!! It’s all about getting it done. Whatever it takes. Fortunately this hotel room had a nice kitchenette, which helped. The bouquet turned out lovely, and we cleaned up, grabbed some coffee, and headed to the Bridal Show. 

Hotel Arranging

The day went smoothly, and we were lucky enough to be located by a lovely new photography company in Omaha….Gray Feather Weddings. If any one in Omaha wants some artistic photos from some very fun ladies, contact them at info@grayfeatherweddings.com. We networked with a variety of other wedding vendors and met some great potential customers who happened through our booth. Overall, we have had a lot of interest for this fall and next summer, and we’re busy with wedding consults this week!