Honeysuckle Hollow, LLC

Honeysuckle Hollow is a hybrid between an event florist studio and a flower shop. We spend much of our time creating amazing flowers for our customers’ events behind closed doors, but on one special day a month, we open up to the public for a large flower sale. The flowers we use are largely seasonal so that they are ever-changing and bring this brief and complete indulgence of certain varieties before they are gone until next year.  Our nature-inspired floral design is lush and alive. We love to source our flowers from family farms in the United States but we also reach out into the world to buy the most beautiful and unique blooms we can. 

Real, vibrant flowers awaken an amazing response in people. It is our hope that Honeysuckle Hollow's creations inspire awe and provide the type of raw joy that flowers were always meant to bring.

© Chris Benzakein

© Chris Benzakein

Nature-Inspired Floral Design

by Mercedes Ivener

Honeysuckle Hollow Florist

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