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Language of Flowers

Language of Flowers Class

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We had another fun class at Honeysuckle Hollow over the Mother’s Day weekend. We explored how flowers were used to send messages and sentiments both in the past and also in modern day. Many of our participants came with their mothers, grandmothers, and children. There were even a few sets of three generation families that came in to spend a few hours together sending secret messages to each other through flowers. I gave a presentation on the history of the meanings associated with flowers, the ways people create messages through them, and then provided a brief demonstration of how to make a Tussie Mussie (or nosegay). This was often the traditional means whereby people passed, carried, and displayed sentiments and messages through flowers. The class then set off to our numerous labeled vases containing a variety of flowers and their corresponding meanings. They worked intently and the love created through the messages hung thick in the air. 

Admittedly,  I even got a bit choked up listening to the messages they were creating for each other through their lovely little bouquets. It was fun to appreciate flowers for their meanings in addition to their physical beauty. Most of all it was touching to watch all the thoughtfulness and emotion going into the beautiful creations. 

Slowing down our lives and finding time together amidst beauty is what our classes are all about. Here are a couple pictures of our fun. Now we just have to think up what other classes we can offer during the year! 

Flowers and meanings
flowers and meanings
language of flowers
Mother and daughter
Tussie Mussie