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Seasonal Styling: A Thanksgiving Tray

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This Saturday, November 19th we're going to have some extra decorating goodies for you! I've been busy at the shop creating these fall centerpiece trays (or side table vignettes if you prefer) out of various autumn ingredients. The great thing about these trays is that you can use almost anything! And they're mobile! Use one as a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving meal and then move it to your kitchen island or living room console table to enjoy even more!

I began by collecting my ingredients. We had a stash of dried antique hydrangeas (from an open house a couple months ago) and I found a place selling their last white pumpkins for the season. I also eyed some Carolina Sapphire that Mercedes got in this week for our upcoming open house.

Lastly, I selected a reclaimed wood tray from Retired Decor's selection at our shop. I decided to go with a fairly large tray for this centerpiece.

Reclaimed wood tray

And then I started playing! Truth be told, as I began, I didn't know which supplies I would end up using in the final centerpiece. Nearby, I had pinecones, driftwood, candle holders, wooden figs, and much more. But as I started working on it, I went in the direction of a calming, simple centerpiece filled with pumpkins, hydrangeas, and greens!

Fall Centerpiece Tray

It's so much fun to play with different supplies you might have. Grab a tray and hunt around your house for seasonal items. Or, if you don't have a tray, grab one at the shop during our open house this Saturday (November 19). And, as I alluded to earlier, if you prefer to purchase the finished centerpiece, we'll have those too! Some trays will include fall decor, a few will have a hint of the holidays (some people are decorating now!), and others might even have a zen garden theme!