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January Orchid Sale

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Last month we opened our doors for the January Flower Sale. We brought in a ton of orchids; there were orchids in pots, along with a myriad of loose stems in a wide range of colors and varieties. We also had the oh-so-fragrant hyacinths and flowering white quince branches. It was a dreamy treat amidst the cold, dreary days of January to see all these beauties in the shop! We had dendrobiums, tiger tales, mokaras, cymbidiums, Phalaenopsis, and even the brilliant Vandas. We paired the orchids with unique ferns and blooming quince branches for simple, elegant combinations. Most times you won’t see orchids at florists’ shops because they are too expensive just to put in the cooler and hope they will sell. That is what made our large display so special. If you missed it this year, don’t despair, we will do it again next winter. 

Something that we still have in the shop after the sale are the Fantasy Orchid DVDs and fertilizer. Fantasy Orchids is an world-class orchid nursery in Boulder, Colorado that comes highly recommended to me for its orchid care products. You have to see it! There is so much fascinating and extremely helpful information that I have never heard before. I am very excited about being able to get my orchids to rebloom this year with the instuctions and the orchid food they suggested. We have little Orchid Lover's Gift Sets with the DVD and the orchid food all packaged and ready at the shop, and we will try to keep it in stock for the next few months. It was so helpful to demystify orchid care for many of our customers. 

Here are a few pictures we took. One of the highlights was that we had some really beautiful vessels for the orchid plants. No ugly plastic pots here at Honeysuckle Hollow. We always like to send you home with something that will make an artistic statement in your homes. We used vintage vases, awesome palm wood containers, pottery vases, wooden cubes, and terra cotta pots to name a few. 

And then there were the cut flower stems:

And lastly I would like to put out a big thank you to my parents who were in town that weekend and helped me with my kids and with preparations for the flower sale. I love them dearly, and we had such fun together.

Here is my Dad helping me forage some fresh evergreens for a corporate party we did while he was in town. We always have the best time out in nature together, and it was a pleasure to spend his birthday together this year. 

And my Mom, the master gardener who planted the seed for my love of flowers, here she is potting some huge Dutch amaryllis bulbs a few nights before the sale. 

It really is a family affair at Honeysuckle Hollow. We are a small family business, and it takes everyone to get it done. I love being able to bring my kids to work and show them how to run a business, create beauty, and do what you are passionate about. My son, Cale, spent his day off school driving to Omaha to pick up orchids that were flown here overnight so they didn’t freeze in a truck. He unloaded all 10 boxes with me and melted my heart as he ooh-ed and aah-ed over each different one. He will make some woman very happy one day with all his flower knowledge and appreciation, I hope! 

And my daughter, Everly, is at almost every sale running the check out, baking the cookies, and doing anything we need. Unfortunately this sale was on Friday so she was studiously attending school, much to her dismay. The next few sales will all be on Saturdays so she will be there! My hubby was out of town over our January sale (hence my parents needing to come to help out), but he is always the biggest support to me from business advice to helping to hold down our household during busy events when I am at the shop late. Even my Mother-In-Law and Father-In-Law play a huge part in me being able to do this business. They grow lots of flowers and let me use them in my designs, and they help care for my children when I am busy.  I’ve said it before, but it sometimes takes a village. This blog is dedicated to my family who helps me on this crazy, exciting adventure that keeps me up at night with anticipation and lights my heart with a creative spark. I love you guys.