Honeysuckle Hollow, LLC

Our Shop

We have a unique shop. Not only are our flowers unique, but so is our business. Honeysuckle Hollow is a hybrid between an event florist studio and a flower shop. We spend much of our time creating amazing flowers for our customers’ events behind closed doors, but on one special day a month, we open up to the public for a large flower sale. Each sale consists of different and amazing new flowers and foliage aimed to showcase some of the special blooms of the season. We spend hours searching for unique and beautiful flowers from local organic farms to far away places such as the Amsterdam flower market. This results in a truly unique flower experience when you walk into our doors. We aim to provide a flower event serving up a healthy dose of beauty to everyone who stops in. All are welcome! We also have other interesting items in our shop besides flowers. We often have unique plants (succulents, airplants, and houseplants), a variety of items from local artists, handmade cards, and, of course, our many vases ranging from vintage to modern. When are these sales? You can find the dates on our website, our facebook page, or you can subscribe to our email list below to receive our monthly newsletters.