Honeysuckle Hollow, LLC

A Little History...

I grew up gleefully amidst the gardens of my grandmothers, mother, and aunts. I was often the one cutting blooms for my bedside or our kitchen table. Sometimes it seems nothing has changed! I suppose my desire to create natural beauty through flowers has always been a part of me. After spending much of my adult life as an attorney, I have decided to return to my passion for flowers. I strive to create nature-inspired florals lush with fragrance and wild beauty.

The name Honeysuckle Hollow came from our farm. When we moved onto our hilly, beautiful acreage years ago I noticed that it was full of wild honeysuckle of all types. Because I always name everything after flowers, I called our place Honeysuckle Hollow. In the spring when the honeysuckle bloom, our air is perfumed and we find any excuse to sit outside for this brief and intensely delicious time. When I began this flower business, I wanted to conjure up this same experience that nature provides. The flowers we use are largely seasonal so that they are ever-changing and bring this brief and complete indulgence of certain varieties before they are gone until next year.  Our nature-inspired floral design is lush and alive. We love to source our flowers from family farms in the United States but we also reach out into the world to buy the most beautiful and unique blooms we can. We often add in a snippet of whimsy from our cutting garden, pasture, or woods. The result is a one-of-a-kind creation to delight the senses. We  aim to create flowers that make your heart sing!    


I no longer live in Sioux City, but have traveled extensively living in the Santa Barbara and Washington, DC areas over the years. Presently in Portland, OR. I have seen few florists that rival your work. The creations are stunning.... gorgeous! Such talent in my hometown! I wish you great success, HHF! Sioux City is extremely lucky to have you there.
— Madhu Braunger
Locally owned and run florist. These flower arrangements are masterfully done. Customer service was exceptional too.
— Mark Hantla